Arrivals and Departures

Policy​ ​Last​ ​Updated​ ​on: February 2022

Policy​ ​Last​ ​Updated​ ​by: Matt Pattison

Next​ ​Review​ ​Date: February 2023

Elite Holiday Clubs recognises the importance of having robust systems in place to ensure the safe arrival and departure of the children in our care.

The manager will ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children in the Club, and that any arrivals or departures are recorded in the register. The register is kept in an accessible location on the premises at all times. In addition we conduct regular headcounts during the session.


Our staff will greet each child warmly on their arrival at the Club. Parents are required to sign in their child/children and state the time of arrival. Staff will also record the child’s attendance in the daily register. The daily register will be kept with the camp leader throughout the day.


  • Staff will ensure that parents or carers sign children out before they leave, including the time of collection.
  • Children are collected by an adult who has been authorised to do so on their registration form.
  • In exceptional circumstances, if the parent requires another person who is not listed on the registration form to collect their child, the child’s parents or carers must inform the Club in advance and provide a description of the person and a password that they will use. If the manager has any concerns regarding the person collecting he/she will contact the main parent or carer for confirmation.
  • The parent or carer must notify the Club if they will be late collecting their child. If the Club is not informed, the Uncollected Children policy will be followed.
  • No children will be allowed to leave the Club unaccompanied.


  • If a child is going to be absent from a booked session, parents should notify the Club in advance.