At Elite, we offer phenomenal opportunities for children in Reception and above to be involved in a Musical Theatre workshop. They will learn key fundamental skills in a fun and active environment. With the guidance of experienced staff members, the children will learn how to develop their self-esteem, confidence within the areas of dancing, singing and acting through exploring how to; block scenes, learn new styles of dance, sing a variety of songs and put together sections of their favourite shows. However, no experience is necessary, everyone is welcome to join in the fun and meet new people.

The Elite Musical Theatre Workshop gives children an opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate ones they have already learnt and share with others. The workshop will include lots of fun activities and team building exercises. These activities are designed to help children reach out of their comfort zone and create new long lasting friendships in a safe and controlled environment. The week will be built up of physical warm ups specifically based to the activity they are completing, such as singing warm ups with focus on projection and diction, in preparation for learning new songs; Dance warm ups with focus on basic steps to aid vital learning and progression; Drama warm ups with a focus on using the imagination and communication skills. By the end of the week the children would have worked very hard to put together a 30-minute production to display for all parents and guardians to watch on the final day. This will involve the children showing the skills they have learnt over the week in a performance situation and allow them to experience a real audience.

What we hope your child will get out of attending our workshops?

  • New long lasting friendships.
  • A growth in self-esteem and confidence.
  • Progression in their capability to dance, sing and act.
  • To have improved in their weaker area and have good understanding of how to concur any problems.
  • Be encouraging of others and understand how an audience should behave.
  • A sense of responsibility and proudness for their hard work.
  • And of course have fun and enjoy their time at the workshop.
  • Experience in a performance situation.
  • Understanding the usefulness for props and costume and how/why they are used in a specific way.